I won't lie; I'm addicted to this game. I simply cannot stop playing it so I started taking notes and will start working on this shrine soon. Setsuna is one of my favorite characters. Even though she does not get highlighted too much in the actual plot, her supports are hilarious, and she really stands out to me. This fanlisting opened on April 1, 2016, and hopefully there will be a shrine soon!

"Setsuna" is a Japanese word which means "a moment" or "an instant" which came from a Buddhist term which means "split second." It also is used as a name! I decided to name this site Split Second because I feel like term really describes the little situations that Setsuna always falls into. She is always getting herself into trouble! It literally takes one split second without Hinoka or Azama, and she already needs bailing out of something (usually traps).


I am currently searching for fanlisting affiliates from any Fire Emblem. If you are interested in affiliating with me, please email me.

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